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Her dad passed away on Thursday morning. After a 2 month ordeal and at the ripe age of 81. He was here in Pitt when he died and we were with him. When the doctors rushed in with paddles and all to try to get him back I said not to. He had so many problems, too many. It would have only delayed the inevitable for a very short time anyway, better to go in dignity and less suffering. It was tough. It was time. He was a WWII vet who served under Patton. A large man, retired school teacher and principal known affectionately as the Polish hammer, he greatly influenced many young people and set quite a few on the straight and narrow. After his students graduated, many returned to the school to thank him. He was the most stubborn man I ever met and the most generous. When I first started dating his oldest daughter some 35 years ago I was afraid of him.
In time, I felt like the son he never had. I hope I lived up to his expectations. I feel I did. He loved his grandkids and was very proud of all of them.
My own parents have been gone for some time now, the cycle of life, the way things are, make the best of it while you are here. A final salute.
I do not usually read this type of post, but I must say this one the most moving post that I read on this site. I am sure he is proud of you now!