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    I am still trying to decide between Trane and Ruud. I am leaning towards Trane since I know more about it, and it is what I selected for my downstairs hvac.

    My Trane question is this: my downstairs unit is the XL1200 for a/c and XE80 for gas furnace. However, on the Trane website, these units no longer exist. For those of you who sell Trane, what are today's equivalent models?

    My SEER question is: for 10 vs 12 SEER, is it worth it to go to 12 SEER? I thought that my original quote for both the Ruud an the Trane systems was 12 SEER, however, when I got the faxed details Friday it is for 10 SEER. From the Trane perspective, it seems that the 12 SEER units (like I have downstairs already) have the 10 year warranty, vs the 10 SEER having a 5 year warranty. Plus I like the closed top cabinet on the a/c on the XL1200.



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    depending on tonnage trane has 12 seer systems furnaces are T U D models now.Yes the upgade to 12 seer is worth the investment but as you should be aware trane and all carriers will have to be ready to install 13 seer equiptment shortly.12 seer systems come with a 5 year parts 10 year compressor warranty

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    For equivalent to your existing, you'd need XL13i (4TTX3) and XR80 (TUD-C). Upgrade to the XV80 or XV90. If possible, go with the two-stage AC, XL19i. 2-stage heat and 2-stage cool is the way to go!

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    The XE80 line of furnaces was replaced by the XR80 line. IMO it is worth it to bump up to the XL80 because it is 2 stage heating, much more comforterable.

    There isn't a direct equivelent to the XL1200 now. The outdoor units have been completely redesigned. The closed top units are the XL13i, XL14i, XL15i, XL16i, and XL19i. The XL16i and XL19i are 2 stage systems that will keep your house more comforterable than any single stage system can. Depending on sizing and application, the XL19i can go as high as 19.5 SEER.
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    1 stage vs 2 stage?

    what is the difference in the 1 vs 2 stage thing? comfort was mentioned. does increased comfort mean increased utility cost? or does the 2-stage save utility cost?

    thanks for the trane details!


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    ...2-stage with save energy cost but the system cost has 2 compressors and man do they operate great!

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    Then from the other side of the alley...I work for an American-Standard and Ruud/WeatherKing dealer. In the good old days, A-S was pricey and flawless. Price sure has come down and it has been much more troublesome than the Rheem/Ruud side of things. Furnace boards, especially on the VS 90s Ruud has the II+2 80% furnace which has been very reliable. The outdoor units aren't near as fancy as the Choo Choos but less bucks and 100% Copeland scroll. They just announced a super SEER unit to compete with the 19i and other top end units.

    Of course as a wise man once said, they're all junk. Get an extended warranty on whatever you buy. So much of them come from 3rd world countries plus labor rates have gone so high, a 10 year warranty will pay back!

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