I am a homeowner, but I have been frequenting this site long enough to know I wouldn't dare do the work myself. That would be ugly. I did work for a HVAC contractor once upon a time just out of high school, but all I really learned how to do is run flex ductwork. And from info I've gotten here, I was taught wrong.

I hope my question will not be as complicated as brianmu's. I'm adding 625 sq.ft. to my 1250 sq. ft ranch(1875 total). In the end, the house will look like a perfect V from above. Sort of like a 50ftx50ft square with a 25ftx25ft section removed from one corner. Since my air handler is a 21 year old Trane and would soon have to be replaced soon, I suggested to both contractors that we just start fresh with a whole house heat pump system and they agreed. Both suggested that the air handler be placed at one end of the house. Seemed funny to me as that would mean a 50ft+ run from the handler to 2 or 3 ducts on other end of house. But, I don't know, I'm no pro. I have single pane, fairly small windows with storm windows throughout the older portion of the house and insulated large windows throughout the addition. Insulation is r-30,13, and 19. I live in NC, so fairly humid and lows in 20's winter, highs in 90's summer. Their differences are that first guy said I needed a 3ton ht pump and a 3.5-4 ton handler and the second guy recommended at most a 2.5ton system. First guy rec. we incorporate existing r4 flexduct in original house, second guy rec. complete removal of old ducts and installation of new r6 flexduct. House has crawlspace.

Both seemed credible and seasoned, but drasically different sizes? Not trying to discredit either, just want to do the best thing and be comfortable on those hot summer days and cold winter nights. Any thoughts to help me go in the right direction would be appreciated. By the way, really enjoy the forum, extremely interesting for someone like me. Thanks.

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