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    Salesman - Craftsman

    The rule of thumb is used on the estimate only. Once you sell the job then spend the time designing the system...

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    Wink 2 Story house

    Hey I was out driving in the rain
    today and your project was running
    around in my head.One of the things
    that gets done alot is using the
    brand new heating system to keep
    the house warm during constuction.
    Do NOT let this happen.You would
    not believe the crap that I find
    in the ducting.But by far worst
    than that is the dust.They keep
    the house pretty darn hot when
    the sheetrock goes up.With all
    the dust that is created from
    the mudding,tapeing,sanding,
    and saw dust to.This stuff get
    into everthing.And in a big
    way.Filters or not.If anyone
    disagrees just point them to
    the manuals.Most all manufactures
    will void the warranty if this is
    done. We don't want that with
    those nice new variable speed
    air handlers now do we!!!
    Have them use there own space heaters.

    In regards to return air ducting.
    Do your best to avoid panning
    off floor joists.They are almost
    never sealed well.And invite dirt
    and dust in to the system.Remember
    returns operate under a negitive
    pressure.And are usually not very
    well insulated.Something that gets
    missed a lot during inpection.
    If at all possibe use metal ducting.
    Thanks for your time.

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