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Thread: Spark Vs HSI

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    Any thoughts about the merits of the intermittent spark ignition compared to the HSI on gas furnaces? It seems HSI problems are plentiful here. Is that due to a design problem or the fact that 90% of the furnaces have them now?

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    Rheem uses direct spark on their premium line furnaces. Works great. I prefer it to any ignitor. People tout the silicon nitride but I've seen plenty of failures of them too, both the 80V versions A-S/Trane uses and the 120V of Armstrong/Air-Ease.

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    All the years I sold Heils with DSI's I really had very little problems. Im not sure why when they had someting that was pretty trouble free after yaers of perfecting it that they totally went smart valve but then that was probably honeywell so what choice did they have? I guess I was just a lot more comfortable with dsi being all the years working with it so Im always a little leary of hot surface ignition being I havnt seen it a lot. Why have parts that are so brittle that you have a hard time replacing it without breaking it? Not like dsi that you might have to adust the gap or adjust how it sets by the burners. How often would you have to replace Dsi ignitors, I never really had to . I would take honeywells ignitors apart and change the configeration so it pretty much had to work like the newer design ones before they got out of that type. I had those down to where there was no problems. Oh well not that tway now.

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    I agree with Bald Loonie 100%

    Originally posted by BaldLoonie
    Rheem uses direct spark on their premium line furnaces. Works great. I prefer it to any ignitor.
    I had the same thought when I clicked on this thread.
    This has got to be the best ignition system on the market right now. We have had no trouble out of them.

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    If you have nat gas anything that lights a pilot is better because if gas pres. drops most direct fired lock out with 1 2 or 3 tries with most others that light a pilot they will continue to try at least.

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