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    Hello, Iím a long time listener, and first time caller. My first post.

    Iíll first say, Iíve been browsing this site for several months now, and have learned many excellent tips. Most importantly Iíve learned how to spell HVAC. Many thanks to the people who run it.

    My Question: Iím a new homeowner with a Carrier Infinity 58MVP80-14 / 38TDB36. Iíve just noticed something strange with my furnace blower. After the unit is finished with its low heating cycle the fan will run for about 3 minutes like expected, but when it shuts off it immediately comes back on low for a few seconds. There are no errors on the display, and there is nothing in the system log (other than faults the day it was installed).

    Iím not sure how long this has been going on, because I normally leave the blower run on low all the time. Is this something I should be concerned about at this time? Any ideas? TIA

    BTW: I love the system. No other problems. My 2600Sq/ft home is always comfortable, and my Gas bill is running half of my old 1600Sq/ft house.

    Extra Info:
    Heating airflow set to Efficiency.

    It runs at about 720CFM on low

    Iím running one of those MERV 12 1Ē filters.
    High Stage - Static @1400CFM = .57 to .69 (.69 after 1 month use)
    Filter Setting = EAC (I only have 1Ē media filter) I did this because after 2-3 weeks I keep getting the change filter notice) I change filter once a month.

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    Carrier has had some odd things with circuit boards.. sounds like fan timer has a thinkin problem..... it does have a circuit board right?

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