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    Hi everyone,

    2 months ago, we had the HVAC professional to replace the contactors on our heat pump system. Now i have the same problem again, the contactors aren't triggered on when heating is on. And, he told us that we need to replace another part in the system. I found on the web that the part he wants to replace called adjustable temperature same as on the pic, web link below. Part # AT012.

    So he left me with a wire with two clamps at the ends to bypass this when the contactors aren't triggered. I did what he told me and it worked.

    my question is what is this adjustabel temperature for?

    Thank you in advance.

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    The first thing is to call another contractor because this one is going to kill you.

    The control you are refering to is a tempature saftey. The picture you posted is not an OEM part. You should replace the equipment if OEM part is not manfactured anymore.

    I only use this part in an emergancy situation, or on a non-critical system (I have used them to turn fan on when used with a wood stove). In this situation if it fails it's not a big deal.
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    as I scratch my head on this one. WHATTTTTTTTT???
    get a second opinion...

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    this guy will be in jail when you hook the clamps to the wrong connection and kill yourself.. find a new legitimate contractor not BOZO good luck

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    it doesnt take a qualified contractor to know that !

    That you just dont by-pass a safety in any situation, or jumper anything out! however, Do call a qualified contractor or qualified tech/mechanic!

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    An adjustable limit, they are common, so why didn't he get you one right away, its a safety device to keep your unit from melt down.
    If its tripping, some thing else is wrong, thats just a symtom.

    You might want another contractor to find the real problem with your unit.
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