Hi Folks,
First timer here! Quick homeowner question, if you need more info I'll provide it.
I had 2 Carrier 58MVPs installed, one in basement for first floor, one in attic for 2nd floor and attic. Seperate ductwork as well. The upstairs unit also has a Carrier 3T AC Unit. On winter heat cycle the blowers operates normally, mostly low stage and lower blower speed, occasionally high stage and high blower speed on coldest nights. Seems OK.
My question is rather naive. On summertime cooling (upstairs unit) should the blower speed vary as well? I checked the installation manual and I guess there are a couple of DIP switches that control CFM based on tonnage. Does that mean on cooling their is only one blower speed. In fact that's what I get. There's only one speed "high" when the AC is running. Is this right? Does variable speed blowing only apply to heating and not cooling? As I said if you need more detail I'll comply.
Thanks for the great site as well.