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Thread: Noodling

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    Originally posted by hvacmd2002

    3 questions from a guy that grew up in the city

    1. Is that a real fish

    2. What is noodling?

    3. Is noodling done with your pants off or on?

    1. It looks real to me.

    2. It's where you get into the water and reach into the cats den and pull him out by hand.

    3. I guess it's up to you.

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    Yes they are but a little small for that area.

    To catch a fish by hand.

    No we are not that stupid your arm is the noodle not your little man that would be nuts or suicide.

    How big did you think the fish would be?

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    Pants on. HA HA HA. Thet say that big cats lie right under boat ramps. They tend to keep their mouth open while they nest and what you do is reach in and grab them by their gills from the inside and pull them out. Those pics are from Europe I think. I saw them on a web site that goes into urban legends. The fish over there tend to be bigger from what I have read.
    When Chuck Norris falls in water, Chuck Norris doesn't get wet. Water gets Chuck Norris.

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    You stick your arm in their mouth they think it is food then you pick your arm up in the air if you can if you cann't pick your arm up then you are food.

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    Here's my idea of noodling....

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    Originally posted by fixerup
    This would hurt

    Dey ain't so tuff...

    You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel...

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    Originally posted by Chad711
    Originally posted by fixerup
    This would hurt

    Dey ain't so tuff...

    And for a dinosaur they taste pretty dang good.

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    Stick your finger in his face (about two inches away) and say you ain't so tough ,stinkin turtle!

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    Just do it everyone is doning it.

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    I told you that would happen.

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    Thats too funny. Until somebody looses a finger.

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    Re: ouch!!!

    Originally posted by fixerup
    I told you that would happen.

    Ewwwww!! Them Snappers really could do that. We've caught'm on our cat poles and jug lines and played with'm with sticks. Them boys will cut a 3/4" branch in 1/2 no problem.

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