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The boilers get checked every year and get a brush but there isnt enough to vacume. It's all in the adjustment. I have some Peerless WB boilers with Carlin Burners that the smoke pipe could be broken down and re used on another job. Beckett is another story they tend to not run as clean.
I agree, the Carlin Elite is the best oil burner for cleanliness no doubt. Only way I've seen a Becket run that clean was with a ultra-lean in-efficient fire, maybe with a 8% CO2. The AFII Beckett is probably the most cleanest of the Beckett family, but who wants to service that burner in the first place. Gotta love that Blue-Flame though!

I think I'm going to run some firing rate tests on my Burnham V15 boiler and see if downfiring is saving or not. Should be interesting. I figure I'll start the boiler at say 130F and run it up to 200F with a full 1.35 gph and then with 1.00 gph rate and see which one is the best.