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    I'm new to the HVAC industry particularly residential.

    I was just wondering how to get the blower out of ducane furnaces to clean/service them as there does not seem to be a way that i can see to do it.

    thanks in advance

    the apprentice

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    Last one I saw, You had to pull the electrical panel out.

    Thats the reason I don't push'em, They aren't service friendly.
    If you try to fail, and succeed.
    Which have you done ?

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    the electrical panel is screwed to the upper portion of the blower compartment and after the two screws for the electrical panel are removed, the panel is loose but is such a tight fit that you cannot manoever it any which way to get it out of the way even if you disconnect all the wiring.

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    Thumbs down FORGET IT

    There one of the hardest to service,they do make one hell of a gas grill IMO

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    Draining the Hi Eff. on the right hand side is a pain in the ass too.
    I had a med on friday with a burnt out blower. I Got the electrical panel out smoothly but going in I had trouble. The panel itself is maybe 20 guage so it is pliable to a point..

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