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    Can a TXV valve be installed "after market" to the inside coil system of a Carrier Performance-series system?

    The reason I ask is this:
    One the furnaces -- an Infinity 80 -- we are installing in our new home will be horizontally mounted on the garage wall and all the coil units for Carrier with a TXV are vertical upflow/downflow models from what I can see.

    I want to ensure that our A/C system has a TXV on it. The outside unit will be a Performance 12 SEER.

    And, not being an HVAC guru, I hope I am making sense here.


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    Talking Dallas Baby!!!!

    Survey SAYS!

    Ya shur, YOU BET CHA!!!

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    41gasman... mighta known that you would chime in with an answer for me! I am so happy to hear that I can have this done!

    So, a follow-up: Do these TXV's come from the vendor -- Carrier in this case -- or is there typically a better quality value from 3rd party/OEM parts suppliers??

    I am most concerned about not invalidating a new warranty.

    Cheers! ;-)

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    Wink Txv

    I do believe that your hvac
    guy should be able to get them
    with the coil. Most of the time.
    I always get mine at the same time.
    Just let the hvac guys worry
    about it.And by the way.
    We love pictures!!! Lets us be
    there with you.And we what to
    see how we did.

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    This sounds like a DIY question, and if it is then you will invariably void your warranty.

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    Thanks, but... Where did I imply DYI, anywhere? It's *not* a DYI question. I appreciate the advice, but I am afraid you are mistaken.

    If you have been following my posts since I joined ~10 days ago, I am simply trying to learn as much as I can about *what* we are paying for and *what* we should do to get the *best bang* for our buck.
    Thanks to 41gasman and others here, I have already learned enough to have half the duct ripped and replaced by the sub due to his sloppy-labor-guys! I have learned how to add more combustion air pipe to feed a garage-installed furnace in super-sealed ICF house.

    I ask why they do things, then ask "why not this too?" Sometimes the asnwer fits, sometimes it does not, so I seek clarity. That's not DYI, that's simply being an informed, on-top-of-things, good consumer.

    So, as long as you're here, would you care to share any professional thoughts on a Hoyme power-damper for combustion air pipe? Seems to me there's no need to have a hole thru to the roof in a 95F summer if the heat ain't on and combustion air ain't needed. Ditto in the (mild) winters... ;-)

    PS 41G... Pics will be taken this weekend.

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    If the coil can't be ordered with a TXV "stock", adding one after the fact is no problem. Main thing is compressor will need start assist kit installed, especially if TXV is non-bleed type. Best start assist kit is a potential relay and a start capacitor with bleed resistor that accompanies the unit's stock run capacitor. Don't let the installer throw on one of those rinky dink kick start or super boost kits, unless it has all of the components I listed above.

    Building Physics Rule #1: Hot flows to cold.

    Building Physics Rule #2:
    Higher air pressure moves toward lower air pressure

    Building Physics Rule #3:
    Higher moisture concentration moves toward lower moisture concentration.

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    Be sure the HVAC guy remembers to remove the piston before adding the TXV.

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    Smile DYSer's

    Jingoism: Dallasbill is not what
    he might first appear to be
    by reading this thread only.
    Dallas has been doing exactly
    what this forum for.
    Learning what he wants and why.
    He has put a lot of effort
    into learning what a exellent
    installation is.And why it
    is exellent.
    But I shure thank you for the
    wide open eyes reletive to dys.
    I do believe it's a growing
    problem in here.I can appreciate
    people wanting to save money.
    We all do. BUT . I get paid for
    The hundreds and hundreds
    and hundreds of hours
    (some guy's LIterally a life
    time) to learn how To
    fix or install what in alot
    of cases are some really
    complex pieces of machinery.
    There are many different brands
    that were built and installed
    over the last thirty or so
    years.And also a tremendous
    investment in tools!!
    I will NOT! I repete NOT!
    Get paid for just the time
    I spend on a particular job.
    WE are not flippin burgers here.
    A guy has to know how to do
    the job.I will not be penelized
    for being good and fast and
    accurate at my job.People can
    pay one guy x dollers to try
    to figure it out all day.
    Or pay a professional x
    dollars to show up and do
    it right.Done wining now.

    *****in ideas.

    To most of us this is Duuu.
    But,it sure does happen.
    Good point.

    Your going to be
    one COOL CAT my friend.

    Got to go dancing now.
    Still looking for my
    next EXWIFE :}

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