Ive installed dozens of Goodman and Bryant Air Handlers with electric heat packages. Yesterday i installed my first Trane AHU with 15 kw Electric Heat package in the counterflow position. The AHU comes shipped for upflow application and can be easily converted for downflow. The Cooling Coil was repositioned for downflow with no problem..fit like a glove and the exterior panels fit precise. Here are my conclusions regarding the Electric Heat Portion of the Furnace :

1 . When sliding in the Electric Heat Package, if you line up the mounting holes at the back of the Electric Heat Package to the mounting holes in the AHU housing...the Elements are off-center by approx. 1.5 inches (to the right) in relation to the blower wheel which means that some of the far right element will not recieve any airflow. So, i re-aligned the elements directly in front of the blower wheel and ended up having to fill in the gap on the rightside of the housing with some sheetmetal . Also had to drill new mounting holes for into the housing to accept the Package.
2. Shipped seperately, was a loose sheetmetal plate measuring approx. 14"w. by 2.5 " h. (in fact, it was just laying inside banging around in the AHU). According to the instructions, its used to fill in the top portion of the Element Package for greater efficency . Thats fine, except it was only drilled on ONE end -- the other end was solid. So, i had to drill new holes thru the plate and housing to fasten it on.
3. The Element Package requires the fan to come on at the same time a call for heat is made , otherwise, nothing will work. (signal goes thru a small circuit board within the Electric Heat Package). Since the HO had a basic 4 wire manual thermostat , it didnt have the circuit which turned on the fan immediately upon a call for heat. Absolutely no mention of this fact in the Instructions !! So, i changed out the thermostat to an electronic programmable type which turned on the fan immediately, which allowed the heat to cycle on .

I was pretty disappointed with Trane ; i thought they took pride and touted themselves as 'a quality manufacturer' . Ive also had DOA 80 plus Trane furnaces which ive had to fix.

Is this routine on Trane, or, am i just an unlucky fella ?!