I had an issue with my make up air and combustion air inlets to my home. The issue is with -40 deg air coming in the house when there is no call for heat. Negative pressure in the furnace room is quite normal I understand. I have my f/a straight into the r/a duct and my c/a ends in a "bucket". I suggested to my tech that he install a Hoyme motorized damper on both the c/a and f/a which could be activated by the furnace when there is a call for heat. He called the local distributor and they indicated that there is no way for a direct hook up due to the Evolution using a digital signal and the accessories using 24 volts. He thought about parallelling a circuit off of the board or the gas valve but is concerned with the board amp rating and is worried that even a control relay might mess things up. He was informed that there may be a newer version of the Evolution control coming out soon...like in a year...that would have some accessory hook ups for accessories like this.

My question is: Is there any possiblity of hooking up motorized dampers to my Evolution or my Bryant 80% variable at this time? That is, without too much difficulty?

I'm not looking for any instructions on how to do this...just IF it is dooable with maybe a hint of how so I can mention it to my tech.

I thought maybe we could somehow use the UV light terminals to signal, etc. but I run contiuous fan and there is always voltage there.