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    I had an issue with my make up air and combustion air inlets to my home. The issue is with -40 deg air coming in the house when there is no call for heat. Negative pressure in the furnace room is quite normal I understand. I have my f/a straight into the r/a duct and my c/a ends in a "bucket". I suggested to my tech that he install a Hoyme motorized damper on both the c/a and f/a which could be activated by the furnace when there is a call for heat. He called the local distributor and they indicated that there is no way for a direct hook up due to the Evolution using a digital signal and the accessories using 24 volts. He thought about parallelling a circuit off of the board or the gas valve but is concerned with the board amp rating and is worried that even a control relay might mess things up. He was informed that there may be a newer version of the Evolution control coming out in a year...that would have some accessory hook ups for accessories like this.

    My question is: Is there any possiblity of hooking up motorized dampers to my Evolution or my Bryant 80% variable at this time? That is, without too much difficulty?

    I'm not looking for any instructions on how to do this...just IF it is dooable with maybe a hint of how so I can mention it to my tech.

    I thought maybe we could somehow use the UV light terminals to signal, etc. but I run contiuous fan and there is always voltage there.

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    Hi. I am just a non-technical homeowner, so I can't tell you how it was done, but I can certainly confirm that it is possible, because that is how it was installed in my home.

    I have a Carrier 58MVP with an outdoor fresh air vent that connects to a return duct near the furnace. At the point where it connects to the return, there is a HOYME HAC 0510OPC installed. I am certain that it opens automatically only when there is a Call for Heat (not when the furnace blower is just "on").

    I also have an Infinity control - but that had nothing to do with the ability to connect a HOYME to the fresh air duct. (I know this because the Infinity control was installed several months after the rest of the furnace and HOYME were installed).

    My combustion "pipe" goes directly into the furnace so the installer said that a HOYME is not required there (but I suppose it is possible).

    You might want to have your installer contact HOYME at Mine did and they were quite helpful.

    Hope this helps...

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    canquest... this is exactly the addition I think would be of value to our new home being built in Dallas. I would like to talk to my HVAC guy about adding one to the combustion air pipe into our garage (where 1 furnace will be). That way, it's not open to the outside in 95+ degree summers and ditto when not in use in the *cold* winters here when it's 38F... ;-)

    Was it an expensive hassle to install for your HVAC guy?

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    Re: "Was it expensive / hassle to install for your HVAC guy"? From what I recall, it wasn't a hassle at all for him to install it. Once he contacted the vendor, I think it was quite simple - it connected right to the furnace board. And I don't believe he charged me anything additional for the installation (other than purchasing the device itself) - keeping in mind that he was also installing an expensive furnace, humidifier, etc. at the same time. I just checked the web site, and they seem to also sell units specifically for combustion air supply. Hope this helps...

    ps. 38F = "cold" winters??? That brought a smile to my face! - CANquest.

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