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    I have recently completed the framing of an upstairs addition. I am in the process of getting hvac estimates. So far, two installers have recommended Ruud and one has recommended Goodman. This is for a 2.5 ton hvac, using gas heat.

    I do not know anything about either of these companies or their products. Only that both contractors claim that the warranties on these two brands are very good, and having work done on them is reasonable.

    When I installed the new system downstairs, I chose a Trane XL1200 and have been pleased with it and no problems. One of the contractors will use Trane, it is just slightly more expensive ($350 more than an equivalent Ruud system).

    Can anyone recommend the Trane vs Ruud vs Goodman? Are there any substantial arguements to NOT use one of these brands? Are there any substantial arguments TO use one of these brands over the other?

    My second question is regarding the ductwork. I chose metal ductwork for my downstains due to its installation being under my house (I have replaced forced air heat and window units in a house built in 1909). My new unit and ductwork will be installed in the attic space over the new addition. Is there any reason or benefit to use metal over the flex duct, or vice versa?

    Thanks for any and all of your advice!


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    From a property value standpoint, I would prefer to see the same brand of equipment in any given house, rather than a mixed bag.

    There will be people saying brand doesn't matter.

    Brand name really doesn't make as much difference as the proper installation.
    Go with the dealer you like the best.

    All brands have their own pecularities, unique problems, and advantages at any given time.

    Sheet metal duct is usually considered superior, to flex duct or ductboard, if sized & installed properly.
    It is MUCH more durable.

    I would go with the Trane, and with sheet metal.

    Just my opinion.

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    out of the types of units you mentioned, i personally like Trane and/or Amercan Standard(same). But as to repairs they are more expensive to repair when you have problems.
    but you have the option to buy a 10 year extended warranty with a trane that would include parts and labor for ten years, and one break down in ten years could pay for warranty.

    As for the others i,ll not comment alot because I have seen alot of problems with the others which after further review became installation errors but i have seen when installed properly and maintained properly they last as long as the other leading brands. And for the price difference you no what i like.

    And for duct work i will comment only to what i think . I don't like flex duct because it is not smooth on inside and will not flow same amount of air at same pressure so i say go with all metal square duct.

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    I agree with bwal2,
    Trane for a matched install.
    Metal for air flow.

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    Trane comes with a 10 year compressor warranty. Lee

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    If designed correctly,the airflow will be the same,a second floor attic,flex and/or ductboard should be fine,will save dollars and will probably be quieter airflow for bedrooms.

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    from cheapest ....Goodman/flex to the most expensive..... Trane/metal duct. it's your house and $$$$$$.

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    Originally posted by fl1
    If designed correctly,the airflow will be the same,a second floor attic,flex and/or ductboard should be fine,will save dollars and will probably be quieter airflow for bedrooms.
    If installed properly, too!

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    thanks for your feedback!

    I appreciate your opinions and information.

    The contractor that will install either the Ruud or the Trane recommends the Ruud over the Trane due to easier, off-the-shelf repairs, as well as them being less expensive.

    I lean toward Trane since that is what I selected the 3 years ago when I had my downstairs system installed. Since I don't know a lot about all of this, I did know the Trane name, etc... on which I based my decision.

    Is there a website(s) that provide a comparison of features, warranties, etc... for hvac systems?

    Thanks again!


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    Hmm Re: thanks for your feedback!

    Originally posted by b_finz_up
    ...Is there a website(s) that provide a comparison of features, warranties, etc... for hvac systems?...

    It's not free, but not expensive, either.
    They rate all kinds of things.
    I used to subscribe to the paper magazine, before internet.
    It is at least a little entertaining.

    The main problem with attempting to rate hvac systems is that SO much of it is up to the installer's ability & willingness to do it right.
    These things are not ready to run straight out of the box.
    Research the installer AT LEAST as much as you do the equipment.
    He/she is the deciding factor on whether you get a system that performs as the manufacturer intended.

    (A pile of lumber is not a house.)

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