I have recently completed the framing of an upstairs addition. I am in the process of getting hvac estimates. So far, two installers have recommended Ruud and one has recommended Goodman. This is for a 2.5 ton hvac, using gas heat.

I do not know anything about either of these companies or their products. Only that both contractors claim that the warranties on these two brands are very good, and having work done on them is reasonable.

When I installed the new system downstairs, I chose a Trane XL1200 and have been pleased with it and no problems. One of the contractors will use Trane, it is just slightly more expensive ($350 more than an equivalent Ruud system).

Can anyone recommend the Trane vs Ruud vs Goodman? Are there any substantial arguements to NOT use one of these brands? Are there any substantial arguments TO use one of these brands over the other?

My second question is regarding the ductwork. I chose metal ductwork for my downstains due to its installation being under my house (I have replaced forced air heat and window units in a house built in 1909). My new unit and ductwork will be installed in the attic space over the new addition. Is there any reason or benefit to use metal over the flex duct, or vice versa?

Thanks for any and all of your advice!