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    Originally posted by aircooled53
    Originally posted by nehps
    I just recieved a letter about a meeting for all us HVAC Contractors, and what we can do about Lowes, Home Depot,Walmart, and Bank of America. It says Bank America is in the hvac biz. Posssibly under the name One Hour Airconditioning and Heating, is this true? I just applied for a refi with them, I cant believe that a bank would get into the hvac biz, if so they must think theres alot of $$$$$$ to be made.
    Bank Of America may have been the bank who loaned the money but there are regulations in the banking business to require them to follow guidelines state. I know that they buy out other banks savings and loans but never heard of hvac companys.
    you better call me

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    Originally posted by nehps
    ...Bank America is in the hvac biz...
    That would be terrible... I could no longer say, "I've made a deal with the banks. I don't make loans and they don't fix air conditioners."

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