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    Of those 2 systems i would choose the Trane.

    1,2 As long as the install, and Start-up are done correctly then either system will be reliable.

    3, To the home owner they all do the same thing. We preference due to cleaning procedures etc.. Have a maintenance contract on your unit, and we inspect that no tubes are rubbing to ensure no leaks. Trust me Maintenance is a very big thing now with the high efficiency units.

    4. A VS blower will not be problematic at all, but a VS blower will not solve ductwork issues! Dip switches can be adjusted to help airflow though.

    5. Yes, its a very good filter. He probably recommended the F100 because it has a Merv rating of 10 which is very good airflow for the type of filter you want. A HEPA filter which does the same thing would be upwards of 14 or 15 Merv rating. You ductwork may not be able to accommodate that.

    6. I am not sure what your asking.

    I also like the fact he's replacing the Line set instead of Flushing it! I think you have a reputable contractor here. In my opinion that is the correct thing to do if at all possible.
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    Could luck with your choice. I am getting the york modulating variable speed furnace installed on the 20th, which I take it is the same as the coleman. I have read people critic every furnace out there, especially if the dealer sells another brand.

    The choice of contractor and the warranty are paramount.

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    If I were a potential customer, I would prefer a NATE certified contractor, installing a Trane unit, with the media filter, and IAQ stat.

    1. NATE certification doesn't mean an contractor is smarter, but he/she has spent the extra time to help ensure their customers that they are a quality, well educated technician. IMO, those who don't believe in continuing education are likely narcissistic, scared of being embarrassed by a low testing score, or afraid to learn something new.

    2. Trane is a high quality manufacturer that has recently been purchased by Ingersoll Rand, who is promising to bring back the Trane quality of yesterday. If I were going to install a new system in my parents home or mine, it would be a Trane. Don't forget the 10year Parts & Labor warranty.

    3. Media filters installed at the unit are preferred, due the ease of insuring a quality seal between filter and unit intake. This keeps the interior of the unit clean, which helps promote system longevity and quality performance. Old ducting usually has many leaks. A restrictive "high efficiency" filter, installed at the return grille, is likely to cause infiltration of contaminated air between the filter and unit intake, and usually creates a higher return static pressure due to it's smaller area. Routine maintenance is a must with either filter, with a difference in time intervals favoring the annual media filter.
    4. The IAQ stats are nice to look at and have a lot of features that can be utilized in the future for upgrades on the system.

    These are just my opinions... Your contractor is the person you need to trust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twilly View Post
    Twilly says Rheem.
    huh??? did i miss somethin? Twilli switched to rheem???
    "When the people find they can vote themselves money,that will herald the end of the republic" - Benjamin Franklin

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    Sebas says thanks Twilly, but I just don't trust any of the Rheem contractors that gave me estimates. (oversizing, wanting to add returns/supplies based on "experience")

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions specifically budman and mgenius.

    Regarding, the stat question I was referring to baldloonie's recent post in another thread where he mentioned that lately he has been having problems with the IAQs, part of the screen stops working.

    As it stands now, I am leaning towards the Trane system.

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