Seems like there was some discussion last year about using a geothermal heat pump with an Infinity air handler, but I can't find it now. I thought someone mentioned something about not being able to slow down the air flow in heating mode because the Infinity system would treat a geo heat pump as electric heat and speed up the blower accordingly. Is this right and a reason to not use an Infinity air handler with a geothermal heat pump? Does this change depending on whether the heat pump is a single stage or two stage (two stage requiring the interface module, I think)?

The Infinity feature that I'm most interested in is its unique zone controller. I like the idea of no bypass damper, varying the air speed to meet the need, and the modulating dampers.

Over in the "Wall of Pride" forum, mcair shows a nice install of a WaterFurnace split unit with which he used a Carrier FV4 air handler and Thermidistat for the upper unit and a packaged WaterFurnace for the lower unit. Since it is the zoning capability that really intrigues me, would it be better to go with a more vanilla, without all the bells and whistles, variable speed air handler and the Carrier zoning system instead of stepping up to the Infinity? What are the reasons to use a packaged unit over a split system?

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