'I paraphrase, "the furnace should not run much longer than the 5 minutes at a time because it was hard on the equipment especially the burner." He also said that it was more efficient to run the furnace more frequenty but for shorter periods.
What do you make of that? It seems that the constant cycling on and off would be worse. Opinions?
Thanks again

ME: If Honneywell told you this, then, im mighty surprised ; Running the furnace more frequently for shorter periods...might afford you the greatest amount of comfort, BUT, it will come at an expense --- both to the equipment life and fuel consumption. What you want to do , is, to experiment with the cycle rate of the thermostat until you achieve close to a 2 degree f. drop in room temp. before the next furnace cycle starts ; whatever a 2 degree F. drop equates to in terms of 'cycles per hour' , is where you should set it. This way, youll achieve satisfactory comfort and not short cycle the furnace excessively. (Bear in mind, that, you may need to make a periodic adjustment to this as the outside temp. gets significantly colder/warmer thruout the winter ).