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    Location: Atlanta, Ga.
    Unit: Fedders Heat Pump
    Age of unit: 3 months
    Installer: Really good guy
    Unit: Is heating a-okay. Outside unit runs as expected.

    Recently we have been hearing a really strange noise in the wall where the HVAC line sets are located. It is weird. My wife describes it as follows:

    sounds like a door opening.
    Then it sounds like water dripping!!
    ================================================== ========
    I have heard it also. The water dripping noise is weird.
    ((Not water though. No water pipes in wall and no water in basement.

    I do know that in summer (the old unit) I could hear noise in the wall which sounded like refrigant. Always did it until removed.

    Sorry for the dumb question. Is it possible the installer
    did not pull a decent vaccuum?

    Are we losing our cookies as they say?

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    Perhaps the water dripping noise IS condensate dripping from the suction line which isnt insulated in a certain spot ; the suction line typically runs at 35-45 f. and must be insulated all the way, otherwise, moisture will condense and drip off the pipe. If you have metal wall studding, this would be amplified. Just a guess. Its not uncommon to hear 'swishing' noises as the refrigerant goes thru the liquid line (especially near the Cooling Coil as it enters the metering device).

    Best thing is to have the Installer come by WHEN its making the noise. Give us an update when youve solved the mystery.

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    decent vs indecent

    I doubt if an indecent vacuum would cause the noise you describe.

    Sheet metal can make noise when it expands under pressure. Refrigerant can make a noise when it flows.
    You could even have some type of damper that moves.

    Somebody on this board will have an opinion.

    You need to post model numbers.
    Pictures help, too.

    What did the "really good guy" say it was?
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    your suction/hot gas line would not be condensing in the heat mode. the system will go into a defrost cycle, which is a/c/ mode, for a short time, but not long enough for condensation to occur.

    it sounds more like an expansion/contraction issue, as for the dripping noise.

    the door noise- is it noticed as the system stops? if so, my guess would be the refrig. equalizing from the high to low side.

    or, you're just bonkers.

    good luck.

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    This may be a stupid suggestion, but you should make sure that he installed the muffler for the compressor.

    Im not sure what the water dripping would be, but in heat mode the absence of said muffler would make some noise for sure.

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