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    Heat pumps need to breathe!

    Originally posted by Steve Wiggins

    Click on Tips

    Scroll down to where it says "avoid heating unused areas".

    This is terrible information provided by the U.S. Department of Energy
    But the Rest of different types of heating units cfm and air flow is not important as a heat pump, in any part of the country, now that is making me laugh! heated air is a terrible thing to waste! and the true measure of a man's heart is not considered by the influence he has on people, it is the love he gave to the world...when none was given in return... Jesus, Job

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    in Lafayette IN in 1957 no one could get nat gas in a new home! I had to go with oil. Self imposed by the Gas company. in 1962 I got nat gas, converted my furn with a new burner -- good thing, the buried oil tank developed a leak, had to add a water filter, same as used on an air line, into oil line.

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