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    I have been working on a york furnace that is acting crazy ,the board says it is locking out because of a roll out switch. all rollout and pressure switches check out good (24 volts etc). The unit has manual reset switches on it and all of them right. This thing will run right, heat up and shut off then , house cools down and it will call for heat but no ignition, ignitor glows sometimes,sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it glows twice but the gas valve won't open. turn it off for awhile then turn it back on and it will warm up the house and act up again. board always flashes roll out switch open.

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    you're losing voltage somewhere. trace it.

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    look for bad connections, board could be bad..... rollout switches are ok? limit is not opening?

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    put jumpers on roll out sw and run a cycle. I know this may sound stupid but the flame shield is in place, right?

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