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    Most correct answer so far... Who knows??? Not here.
    Put a detector on every level if your worried. Follow directions.

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    Originally posted by Jim Davis
    The most correct answer comes from field testing not a book. CO is always higher on the second floor of a house than the first floor. CO is always higher at the ceiling than at the floor.
    A book fact is that R-22 is heaver than air. How does it destroy the ozone layer?
    Density does not matter much when it comes to diffusion. It has to do with random collisions and random motion. Perfume is heavier than air but it mixes well.
    Dust is heavier than air, but There is still dust on top of tall cabinets.
    If the superheat ain't right it ain't charged right.

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    Buy a heat pump. Park your car outdoors. Problem solved.
    There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action....Mark Twain

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    Originally posted by HVAC Pro
    Buy a heat pump. Park your car outdoors. Problem solved.
    Yeah that'll work with outdoor temps in the 0 degree range and electric rates at rediculous rates.
    Even with electric heat we'd be freezing our a$$es off.
    Gee I wonder why fossil fuels are used to heat all those houses in the norhern climates? And a huge part of the economy relies upon it.
    There couldn't possibly be a rational explanation for it.
    I had electric baseboard in a small apartment 20 years ago. Even back then my electric bill was $150/month.

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