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    I do the hvac in a building with a honeywell control system. There are around 100 vav and fan powered boxes that are connected on a lon network and there is a lon interface connected to the honeywell system. The rest of the honeywell system is not lon according to the honeywell guy, the controllers for the air handlers are xl 50 I think. The honeywell system seems to only monitor the boxes but we cannot actuate the valves from the computer. Can I access the vav boxes with lonspec and how do they mix the two systems.

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    See that plug-in communication module on the Excel 50? - That can be E just as easily as C. (just swap it out for LON)

    If it were me I'd change the 50's to E and run the whole thing through a LNS platform.

    No tiered software issues.

    Otherwise, you need CARE and Evision or just the latest CARE.
    For graphical you can use XBS to get at data, although the E stuff is probably behind an old zone manager so you really don't get much.

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