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    And when we give you yhe bill, dont say WOW! thats alot of money!

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    cocoa fl


    i love the people who call on friday wanting a unit changed out or system replaced or need a part and i don't have. unless it's april-sept parts houses aound aren't open onsat and sun.. and the cunstmoer always need it done immediately! i've gotten to where i tell them i can't do it. it wears on you in fl during the summer is the worse!

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    What a nice civilized thread, people actually getting along.

    We did a boiler this week and had some of that rust glop spill on a wall as we pulled down old expansion tank. She was OK with it "I guess that's why they put the boiler in the basement". Incidentally, even with paper we still spent a good deal of the day cleaning up water, rust and soot to keep the place clean.

    Yes, some other people don't get the concept of dirty things being for the basement, and vice versa.

    Todays job the guy had a path and space cleaned out around the a/h so we could work, and it was a full of stuff basement,too!
    Col 3:23

    questions asked, answers received, ignorance abated

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    1. dogs away! cannot agree more, nothing worse than a 100lb dog ramming his snout in your crotch.
    2. shovel the gd driveway and sidewalk like normal people, I don't wanna fall and be on W.C.
    3. don't get mad when I can't exactly tell you what this mystrious smell is, when your house is a pig's sty.
    4. no kids, or pets are to be in my work space.
    5. we are all capable of holding our own flashlight.
    6. don't wait until I'm done to look all over the house for your checkbook, purse, etc. time is money!!!
    7. don't start a fight with a tech on the phone when they call you back from recieving your page after hours, and saying "you" installed the equipment, because "I" didn't install it, maybe the company I work for did!
    8. don't be on the phone after calling the after hours service, I don't want to hear a busy signal when calling you back.
    9. If your service was outstanding, and the tech was professional ,knowledgeable, and polite, feel free to tip them, I think we deserve it more than the pizza man.
    Nuff said!
    "I'm not going to tip-toe through life, only to arrive safely at my death"

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    See vaporlock #8 request. Ain't it the truth?
    A Veteran is a person, who at some point in their life, wrote a blank check payable to the United States of America for payment up to and including their life.
    Gene Castagnetti-Director of the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Hawaii

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    As a HO I don't have any complaints about what is expected of me.
    Dogs especially (I wouldn't walk into that house either)
    And yes, calling several HVAC companies,
    and hiring the first one that gets there is just obnoxios.

    And I'll agree to call you if I wish to cancel my appt.
    if You all agree to call us if you'll be more than a 1/2 hour late.
    That way, I can make an informed decision as to whether to reschedule or keep the appt.
    More than likely, I had to take time off of work to let you in and get your assesment of the situation.
    I understand that your line of work is not the easiest to schedule,
    as the wall of shame will confirm. But courtesy goes both ways.

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    I thought of another one...

    I understand your time is valuable, but don't schedule 3-4 of us to come to your house at the same time on your lunchbreak for 30 minutes...
    There is no way you could be doing anything but price shopping at that point.
    How tall are you Private???!!!!

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