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    I have read somewhere that it is not a good idea to run a condensate drain pipe into a vent. The obvious reason is that vent fumes might eventualy get into the air handler.
    What about running the the drain line from a condensate pump into the attic vent pipe, is that commonly done, and is it acceptable?

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    yes you can run from pump becase there it a litte ball in the pump where the tubing goes so nothing will go back in pump

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    check with your local codes. we can run the lines into a vent providing the unit is 3 tons or less in size, and it cannot be a tight seal where the drain enters the vent. we don't do it simply because if the trap dries up it will be possible to get an odar from the vent pipe.
    i wanted to put a picture here

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    We can't deposit condensate into a sewer system here. The county would have to treat all of that water.

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