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Thread: Flex vs metal

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    I'm having bids on a Beach House on Tybee Island. Which would be better for the salt air, flex duct or metal?

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    Well ya got me here..... not sure how duct goes inside a house with salt air so don't rightly know..... flex has wire in it...... so harder to rot?
    outside your house I'd go with trane.... I'd say most dependable in salty conditions coil stays together with cabinet rusted off the thing....
    Goodman is cheaper if ya want to replace it more often... Nothing lasts forever in salt.

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    I would use plastic!!! or pvc --
    same co which makes heat resistant plastic ducts for laboratories now making plastic ducts for regular air temps.

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    Good question. Beach house are a "beach" to say the least and nothing, as pointed out, lasts forever in such a corrosive environment, especially metal. However, most ductwork is galvanized and should hold up pretty well. I would certainly be sure to have it sealed and insulated well. You may even consider painting the ducts to further protect them. PVC would be a great option if it werent for the price up front (it will outlast the home and it has great insulation properties and of course it seals great).

    Do yourslef a favor, no matter what brand unit you get consider spending a few extra bucks to get the coil coated by a coil coating company. Also you may want to go to a marina and pick up a shaft zinc with an internal bore identical to that of the suction line going onto the compressor and mount the shaft zinc on that suction line. It may add a few years life to the outdoor unit. (anode effect).

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    Flex would be the most cost effective. It must however be sized properly as with all ducting. You don't have to pay extra for insulation and with metal prices as they are (very high thanks to China) flex makes better sense in my opinion. Stay away from duct board! Good luck.
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    I think flex would probably be alright but metal would probably be there for the duration.
    Lets see how long it takes for someone to snap to this.
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    If money is not a prob go with Stainless steel! I would choose Metal over Flex any day. If I remember correctly the friction rate of Flex is TWICE that of metal and thats ONLY if installed correctly. which means the Furnace/AH will have to work twice as hard to push the air threw the duct work. The biggest problem is that 99% of all flex duct inst installed correctly no matter what the installer might say. If Flex is allowed to relax then the friction quads!

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    Flex deigned and installed properly is equal in performance to metal!!!

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