How do you add a photo to a post I tried to Go to but the page didn't load.

We have an account at ImageWiz for our members to use. Using the step by step instructions below, upload your picture file, then put a link to it in your post.


Go to

login Username: hvac1
Password: talkie1

That will take you to a screen, and in the white part you will see a blue button ( or bar)
"Upload New Images, standard - slide - inspector". Click on that button

On the next screen, click on the "Browse.." button to find the image on your hard drive.

After you find your image, scroll down a bit and click on "Submit Images"

You will see your image. Now click on the button "Select URL Image #1". This highlights the URL

On your browser's menu, click on "Edit - Copy" ( or just ctrl - c )

Now you are ready to post the link into your HVAC-Talk post

In your post, put {img} then go "Edit - Paste" and then type {/img} ( use square brackets [ ] where I have used { })

You are done!

If it doesn't work, edit it to make sure there are no spaces.

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