You can bet that no nitrogen purge was done while brazing as the panel that got burned by the torch was still in place at the time of brazing.

It looks a little difficult to attach the nitrogen tank lines to the schraeder valves with that panel in place. From the looks of it, the nitrogen lines would have been scorched by the torch if they were attached with that panel in place while brazing!

Hopefully there is a filter drier installed somewhere inside the outside unit to collect any copper oxide that was created during brazing.

I can't believe they didn't use conduit on the outside romex either(I believe "hack" is the word the professionals use here). The missing insulation on the suction line outside was sloppy(hackesqe) too. Well anyway, these things and others have already been mentioned, and you said they were being fixed.

It does make me a little irritated that some contractor would leave it like that in the first place when I'm sure you paid a good amount of (non-hack)money. If you hadn't mentioned any of this to him, I bet it would have been left like that.

It leaves the impression that if your paying for a good install, and get what looks like a somewhat hacked install, why not save the money at use the lowest bidder after all?

As for the pricing of a 10 year parts and labor warranty, I'd say free would be the right amount in this case.

I'm a homeowner, but have learned a lot from this forum. Thanks go to the pros for their knowledge.


edit: I see where you posted that they brazed the copper with the panel removed, then possibly they left the panel in place while they touched up a spot.

The question that pops into my mind is: Why wouldn't a person who is concienous enough to braze while flowing nitrogen also be concienous enough to remove the panel the second time?

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