Plus the VisionPro was preset for single stage heating and cooling. They didn't discover that until they powered it on. What should they do?
The VisionPro can be programmed off the wall. The installer can set the stat onto a table, sit down, set the instruction booklet next to it, and program away. I just installed 22 of these stats in my building. I sat at my desk and programmed each one for the system it was to go on, then took it over and installed it. Got all but a few of them right the first time.

The contractor could have left you with single stage heat for the night. Slap a T87F round on the wall for the night and leave the customer warm. Return the next day with someone that understands more about control voltage wiring than reading colors and put in a properly configured VisionPro and you're golden.

I agree with the others on the points of concern raised. They should lose the Romex, insulate the suction line fully, and I'd want to see mastic on the supply plenum vs. the foil tape.