Today my HVAC contractor showed up to install our new Trane XL16i and matching VS air handler. At first the day seemed to be going pretty well. But as things progressed we ran into some difficulty.

As they were running the refrigerant lines through the drop ceiling, half of the ceiling gave way and fell to the floor damaging many tiles and grids. This stuff happens so I wasn't upset. Besides the owner said that he would have someone fix this. He offered to pickup half of the cost since the drop ceiling may not have been installed properly. Does this sound fair?

Late in the day the VisionPro thermostat kept shorting the fuse in the AH. My HVAC guy bypassed the thermostat and was able to run everything so it looks like a faulty thermostat. Unfortunately we're without any heat right now, aside from three space heaters that he's letting us use. Current indoor temperature is 65 degrees so they appear to be working. Upstair is much colder.

After my HVAC contractor left I checked out the work-in-progress and thought I would share it with all of you. There are only two major things troubling me. First, one of his employees burned the paint off of one of the XL16i's panels, which can be easily replaced-I hope.

The other thing that's really bothering me is that the Trane AH was larger than the return duct it's sitting on. Perhaps this is fine. It just looks a little funny to me. I'll let you decide. Please review the photos and post any comments, advice, or suggestions.