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    Sloooow Leak from PRV

    I recently noticed a very slow drip from my boilers pressure relief value. When I say slow, I mean real slow (a couple drops per day).

    Pressure is slightly high, but is consistent in the low 20s PSI (20-23 or so). PRV is set at 30 PSI max, which I have never seen the boiler get this high.

    The boiler is only 4 yrs old.

    Anything to be concerned about?

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    Hmm next service

    On your next service ask them to look into it. Might be Pressure Reducing Vale, or a water logged tank. I would check the pressure when hot again. Could also be a weak Relief Valve. You should be having this service at least once a year no matter how new. Way to many things check to do any recommend any plan of action.

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