Hi all,

I've had some energy price fluctuations this year so I'm re-evaluating current balance points for my dual fuel system. I have an American Standard Freedom 95% furnace model AUH3D120ACV5VA and an American Standard Heritage HP model 4A6H6060C1. I'm not sure that it matters but this is a match communicating system using the American Standard 900 thermostat.

I'm having some difficulties getting the COP values for my heat pump (dealer is being less than responsive) so I can determine my thermal and economic balance points. Last year i just ran my heat pump until it couldn't keep up due NG prices being elevated. This year the two energy sources are both very reasonable so the decision is a bit harder. My current delivered rates for electric and gas are $.063/kwH and $.89/therm or $9.12/MCF. With these gas prices and having an exceptional furnace I'm sure this year I could probably utilize it more than last but still want to minimize my total heating costs. Does anyone out there have the COP values for this or a similar model HP? This is really the final piece of information to complete the equation.