I'm looking at a home to buy. The only problem I came up against is the realitive new heating system. A Ruud Acheiver 90 Plus. The unit is placed in the basement which is really drafty. But as I can see there is a vent that travels 5 feet to outside and gas line comming in for about 12 feet. I noticed a 5 gallon bucket under a small pvc valve or "T" that was full of water. The nieghbor has same model and she says she had to buy a sump pump and place it in the bucket and drain it to her washer drain. Now does these models put off that much moisture build up or what? I find it really weird that two models in same condex installed by the same person has this much water condensation. Meeting with owner on Saturday and would like to know what to ask or do when I get there. Forced hot air by the way. Water build up is a 5 gallon bucket a day. No water pipes that are near by leaking into it either. Checked that out. Vent looked to be 2.5 to 3 inches. Well any insite will be nice thank you.