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Thread: Rheem heat pump

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    So I can read most model numbers, but the Ruud/Rheem numbers continue to baffle me. What is a Rheem model RBHA-14J05NFAA?
    And on a 52 degree day, is a 10 differential with 80 degrees at the closest register in heat pump mode satisfactory?
    Thanks, JLMathis

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    what is 10 differential ?
    Are you talking temp rise ?
    If so how are you measuring it, and where from ?
    On a 52* day you should do much better then 80* at the closest suppy.
    Even the longest one should be much higher then that.
    Check your filter and check for air leaks.
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    That is a 1 1/2 or 2 ton with 5KW electric heat. 10º seems pretty the heat pump condenser running?

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    Go here page three

    You will need adobe acrobat.

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    You need to measure temp rise right over the unit, not at registers. On a 52 degree day with just the heat pump, you should be around 30 degree increase. 5kw isn't much heat so air won't be too much warmer with backup on.

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