[img]You guys are not older or stupidier than I am. The problem with posting pictures on here is that you have to learn too many steps all at once. Most people I assume what to post a picture that they took of something.

That means you have to get the picture from your camera or computer to a host site then from there to here.

I am suggesting just practicing going from "there to here" a couple of times until you get the hang of it. If you go to the list of forums for this site there is one called "Practice,testing Area". Try downloading any picture from the internet on to the practice forum. Every picture has to go inbetween the []img and the [/]img. YOU HAVE TO PUT IMG INSIDE THE [].

After you master downloading any picture then you can work on getting your pictures over to the host site.

Here is one I just did from the top of this page. It takes less that 5 seconds.

1. put cursor on the image you want to post.

2. right click. A window will open. Left click on "Properties"

3. Another window will open. Highlight the entire text after what is written next to "Address {URL]"

4. Copy the highlighted part.

5. Come here and open posting window. Type []img hit paste type[/]img PUT IMG INSIDE OF the []

6. hit the "submit now" button.

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