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Thread: Carrier Codes

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    The furnace is working good as far as I can tell,But my Infinity Control shows these codes 12,32,and 43.
    In early Jan. I had a bad regulater on the lp tank outside and the gas was cut off for a day or two and the furnace was not,this may be one of the codes.
    When the heat is on the Infinity shows the Inducer RPM changes a lot I have watch it go from 2100 to 1950 to 2200 to 2400 to 1800,just every where between 1800 and 2400,BUT it was doing this before the fault codes,( I was going to ask about that before this happen ,but never got a round to it).

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    Shut the power off to furnace and see if it resets,if problem happens again then call a professional to help you with your furnace repair..
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    The area of the control that tells you how many RPM that the motors are running, is not really a place you should be going. I know it is your stat and system, but you could accidentally make some changes there that could adversely affect the operation of the system.

    That being said, are these alarms current or are you just seeing them in the history?

    Code 12 simply means that there was a call for heat when the power was turned on to the furnace. It is not a fault code, but a information code.

    Code 32 and 43 refer to the low stage pressure switch, and could be totally normal. The inducer motor will run at the slowest rpm possible and still make the pressure switch. That is why it is normal for it to be changing rpm (among other reasons). It has to first find that speed, so during it's learning curve it is nomal for the switch to open.

    If these are codes in history, forget it, all is well. If they are reoccuring, you need to call the installer to check them out. Could be any number of reasons for them, all of which you really need someone with experience to find.
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    do you and you're family a favor a contractor before you hurt yourself or you mess up a perfectly good system.

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