Please help me!!! I built a new home in East TN and am having a terrible time with the humidity. In the summer, the clothes in my closets molded and the house felt very damp and uncomfortable. The humidity measured around 80%. The mildew was all over the house...on all three floors. Now that winter is here, the house is so dry we can hardly stand it. The humidity measured in the teens for a while but it stays mostly in the mid to upper 20's. We have a forced air natural gas furnace and central air conditioning. My HVAC man wants NOTHING to do with this problem. I have a mist humidifier on both main floor heating units. He doesn't want to put a humidifier on the attic unit because of freezing. We have about 6,000sf on the first and second floor and about 3,000 in the unfinished basement. The basement has not been finished yet due to the humudity problems. I think I might benefit from the Aprilaire 5000 for the high humidity problems but what do I do in the winter? How can I increase the humidity over and above the 2 humidifiers I already have? My new home has become a nightmare. Please help me!!!!!!!