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    I have a small lennox model number GCS29X-030-75 problem is that the circuit board is fried...I have two problems who sells lennox parts in so cal L.A. Area???can you only get them from lennox?? and the schematics from lennox stink and are hardly readable..does anyone know any info about how to get a schematic??Im tring to find out what fried this board...any ideas...Im embarrassed to ask these questions but I normally do not work on residential units let alone lennox..Oh yeah is my neighbors unit..Thanks in advance for any info..

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    Sounds like you need to go to the phone book, open it to the heating or cooling section and scroll down.

    That unit may be in a residental application, But it's set up like a commercial unit. You say you don't do residental so you should know how to work on this one. Your profile was left blank.

    Was the unit subjected to any water ? Power surges ? I didn't see the unit in my book.
    So it must be old, and in need of replacement, Then you'd have a nice clean lennox schematic.

    BTW, you'll need to look up a lennox dealer in the book.
    you have to have a lennox account to get their parts.
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    don't work on residential systems but can't recoginize this is a commercial appilication.. do you're neighbor a faor loke tool pusher said get out the yellow pages and call a contractor don't let greed and making a buck come between safety of you and his house house and family. if you're not skilled enough to recognize this is a commercial system that operates on the same basic priciples as a residential system them don't endanger anyone's saftey hvac is for pro'd not diy's

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    Sorry to ask....As for my credentials I have been a Local 250 journeyman for 15 years mostly working on computer room equipt. Maybe the way i asked the question I sounded like I did not know anything..But I will not apolagize for not being familiar with Lennox Equipt or their parts procedures. I looked at this unit in the dark...found the control board model and serial and buttoned it up, then started thinking of who sells far as the schematic goes on the lennox web site I could not download for this unit, so I was just wondering If anyone new of a different site to get one. I have another question why are you guys calling this a commercial application???because its a package?? If this is a stupid question so be it..thats what i thought this site was about helping out. I think some people are to quick to jump down anothers throat without cause. Also I would not be looking to make one penny from my neighbor..just a favor.

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    The schematic represents no problem for trained professionals. Call one for repairs.

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