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    I think fist fighting was all a part of growing up... you duked it out till one of you fell and then you learned from the whole ordeal. It worked too! I had one heck of a smart mouth until I got the shizzit kicked out of me a few times... learned to control the mouth and to cover it when the fists started flying!

    Nowadays instead of the good ol sluggin they pull out a .45 and kill each other... bleh... no learning from your mistakes when your dead.

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    Well besides my older brothers, I was a twin. We actually hardly ever fought and got along very well, but on occasion we got into it. Last real fight we had I still remember. We were about 15-16, pretty big kids, playing high school football and all that jazz. Got into a fist fight in the backyard, after awhile were both beat up and sore, not like little kids who can go at it and not really get hurt.
    After that, we both agreed, that was the last fight, and it was.
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    B! Yeah, baby! How about topless, in a big tub of Jello?

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