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    Need some advice; A friend of mine tells me his two teenage daughters (18-16) got into a fist fight with each other. Heres the question, what should the responce be?

    (A)- I'm surprised, thier such great kids.

    (B)- I'd pay to watch something like that.

    (C)- This is something they'll laugh at in the future.
    It's part of growing up, don't worry to much about it.

    (D)- In high school I prayed for that to happen.

    Thanks in advance.
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    A, C Even with boys. They'll figure things out. Best to let it go... unless it occurs often.
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    C and D

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    Give them a pat on the back. May sound weird, but it is kinda nice to see young people duking it out rather than stabbing and shooting. Granted they are family, but that kinda stuff still happens.

    I'm far from being a parent, but I'd say jus let it go unless it becomes a regular occurance.

    But setting up a webcam to capture the fights and set up a pay site isn't totally out of the picture is it?

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    E. All of the above.
    Don't let them go see "Million Dollar Baby."

    I had all brothers and one older sister, fighting was part of growing up.
    My wife had one sister, they used to fight like crazy, once her sister came after her with one of their dads old German war swords..........eek......
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    Back when my 1st& 2nd sons were in Jr. High I got a call from the principal. He said, "Usually when 2 brothers get into a fight we try to handle it within the family." BUT "Since your boys were fighting in the school yard and there were 700 kids watching the whole thing we have to take disciplinary action." Three day suspension at home.

    So I asked them, "What were you fighting about?" Come to find out they got into a arguement over a quarter. Today they are the best of friends and would give up a kidney if the other needed it.

    (PS: I got my fence painted during those 3 days.)

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    There is no doubt about this one "B"

    do you have any idea what the going rate on tickets for a sister-sister cat fight would be.

    How many kids go to that school? oh yea , it would be on!

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    B B B B B B B B B

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    I would definitely try to get to the bottom of what caused the altercation. Not just the 'she said, well SHE said' but what was simmering under the surface that brought them to blows at the final straw.

    Overall, yes, it is a part of growing up, and it can be a silly memory, but only if they get over the animosity. I know plenty of siblings in their latter years who still don't speak to each other. SOMEBODY, preferrably both, needs to say, "I'm sorry" and mean it.
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    C if it is only fists otherwise professional counseling may be needed.
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