I get a call this week from a customer that has no hot water.Gas waterheater.we go out and the heater not running and the water is steaming,run it and check operation.
Also while we there she complain that her electric bills are high and the aux heat coming on all the time.Check
operation of heatpump all is well.Explain its been a cold winter.

I get a call last night that she has no hot water again,and she still feel there a problem with the heatpump.
I go there today,and the waterheater running,but the water
is only luke warm.I go check the water meter.It spinning.
I ask are you using any water she say no.I asked is the tentant running any water,Oh he not here he leave every two days for a couple of days.
So I get the key,as soon as I cracked open the door I can hear water running,also I get blasted by the heat.

I found the hot water at the sink running wide open and the
electric baseboard stat up as highest they will go.

Well Mrs Jones there your reason for high electric bills and the reason why you have no hot water or not enough.

She call the tentant that was out of down and he says well you told me to run the water and turn the heat up when I
go out of town.

Then I had one this week and its a call for no heat I get there and the customer open the door,I go in and start my
way back to the heater,I said sir could you turn on a light,he says I only have a couple of lights that are working,nothing else will, not the heat nor the range or
the dryer.So being a all electric home I head over to the panel box and there no 220 have 110 to ground from each leg but no 220.I go outside and the meter is all black and
you could smell the burnt smell that a electric burn puts out.I said to him so with everything not working why did you call me? He says because I had no heat and it was getting cold.

What can you say,all you can do is smile and take the money.