Location of house: white rock B.C. just North of Blaine Wa. Winter design temp 15*F. Summer cooling design temp 79*F.

Heating/cooling equipment:
Downflow Natural Gas furnace 66,000 Btu/hr input. 80% efficient. Blower motor D.C. with speed setting DIP switches. Blower set for 950 cfm for heat and cool.

Heat pump Carrier 38YXA single speed 2 ton capacity. Indoor coil Carrier CD5AXA030014ABAA.

Carrier heat pump programmable thermostat.

Thermostat located in "warm" hallway. Offset adjustment set at -2*C (-3.6*F) to give 20*C (68*F) in most of the house.
QUESTION: Does the offset affect settings such as balance point or auxilliary heat lockout?

Balance point set at 4*C (40*F) and Auxilliary heat lockout set at 10*C (50*F).

Defrost timer setting changed from factory setting of 90 minutes to 30 minutes.

Any general comments on setup would be appreciated.

SPECIFIC QUESTION ON DEFROST TIMER: With a high balance point, no evidence of frost on outdoor unit. Would it be worthwhile to raise the defrost time to 90 or 120 minutes to reduce wear on reversing valve?