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    Atlanta, Ga. burbs
    Atlanta, Ga.
    Temp. below freezing
    winter ice storm
    Thermostats showing auxillary heat
    house is nice and warm inside
    HVAC/Heat pumps are brand new

    Is it normal for the two outside units to have ice all over them just like the patio furniture? I thought the guys had a defroster in them.

    Do they even try and kick on when it is cold cold and icy outside or do heat strips do all thee work?
    Thanks pros

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    Wes, you have to let us know what you have for your other heat sources. Are they gas furnaces or electric ?
    If they are gas then they should be shutting down around 30* to 40*. Not everyones are set the same. Installing company sets the temp.

    If they are electric, then they will run in low temps.
    And yes they will ice up, but they have an internal clock and defrost stat. The clock will time out, and at the end of the time cycle, if the defrost stat is calling for defrost. The out door fan will turn off, the unit then goes into the A/C mode(which is the defrost mode).
    This will go on till the defrost stat has had time to determine the cycle is complete, and terminate defrost.

    You could look out and see ice, then look again 20 minutes later and the ice is gone.Then everything is fine.
    You see ice, and even 45 minutes later you still see ice, then you may have issues.
    Then it would be time to call your service company.

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    Atlanta, Ga. burbs

    Thanks tool pusher

    I am strictly total electric. I will monitor them today and see. As of late it looks like the outside units are running but both have a hefty layer of ice on them.

    ))These are heat pumps(( Also in the wall where the freon pipes go to the upstairs we have been hearing some weird noises.

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    The defrost cycle will only remove the icefrom the sides, it will not remove ice from the very top, you will need to do that by hand. Do not use tools just hit the top of he unit with your fist.
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    A heat pump will remove ice to a certain extent.

    2 years ago there was a major ice storm in raleigh that knocked our power out for 5-7 days.

    There was a 2" thick shell of ice covering everything. You couldn't even get a cell phone signal in a house.

    Anyway, the people that still had electricity we told to switch to emergency heat until the melt.

    Defrost will melt the ice accumulated on the coil due to the operation of the unit. It's not going to melt a shell of ice over the outside of the condenser.

    Hope this helps...
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    How much ice did you get last night. We got a 1/4".
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