I remember when I started out in the field, I was greeeen did not know anything, but I gave it my all. I worked as a duct installer's helper(fiberglass residential) I handed out tools, cut ductboard, applied duct sealent, but did not hang boots or run flex. I thought that was the most horrible thing that I could have done, but I kept my mouth shut, worked my butt off and learned the basics of residential duct work. I worked as a duct installer for a little over a year and decided to attend a vocational school for HVAC installation and repair. I got as much as I could out of the course and was ready to enter the field as a entry-level tech. I had to pay my dues, it was rough, but it paid off, I make a decent wage, enjoy my job, and have respect. It takes time, you have to prove your worth, but it will pay off.