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    hope someone can reply..

    does or can lp gas freeze.. a tank gauge says that there is 70 psi in tank... i start unit up ( bryant gas furnace ) and it does all normal things then inducer motor starts and then surface ingitor glows, then i hear a click ( gas valve opens ) it tries this for three times.. then i loosen the union on gas line and nothing comes out... The tank is approx. 100 ft from furnace.. gas ran through copper line... i think the gas line might have been not buried down i ground enough...

    How can any condensation get into line..??


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    Theres moisture in it when the lp company delivers it.

    You might have a frozen reg at the tank, or your secondary might be frozen.
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    Frozen regulator gets my vote,too.Take a dish towel and soak it in warm/hot water and wrap it around the regulator.Afer 5/10min. try the furnace again.If it lights thats the problem.Call your L/P provider and ask them to replace it.

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    Is there gas in the tank? See LP gas don't freeze. In fact propane gas is used in the U.K. as a refrigerant. Propane has a flash point of about -44 deg.f(if I remember right). Where you are at it don't go below 0 for long right? Or it could be just like the other guy's said there could be water in the line.

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    Could be someone is playing a trick,
    Did you check the valve on the tank ?
    Could be some one turned it off.

    The lines are usaully only about 4 to 6 inches in the ground.
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    It can be both the guage and/or the regulator frozen.

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    The 70 is %, not psi.
    Call the propane company. Like others say it could be bad gauge. Do you know when your last delivery was?
    It could be frozen regulator due to moisture in the tank.
    I don't advise you messing with the gas lines. Our customers aren't afraid of calling us at all hours of the day or night. Why are you?
    If its a problem with moisture in the tank and, or bad regulator there is no service charge. We will fix it for free.
    Just call them.

    Tell them about the gas line you disconnected so they can make sure there are no leaks.

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    Do you have any other appliances on LP ? Are they working ? This would tell you if your regulator(s) are frozen or not. If it turns out to be a frozen regulator(s), your LP supplier can change out the regulator(s) and they can also add some mythanol to your tank to resolve any moisture problems in the gas.

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