This is my first post so I may not do this correctly. I have a mid 70's Chrysler AirTemp Electric Furnace, last night we smelled a order coming from the duct work. Either plastic or rubber or bakelite was "burning" (hot enough to put off an odor). I shut down the furnace and this afternoon opened the access to the electrical wiring on the side of the furnace. It is located above the squirrel cage motor/fan. Anyway one of the two "hots" from the breaker box had the insulation missing above where is fastened to a terminal post on the right side of a bakelite plate that holds 2 30 small one time cartridge fuses and 4 60 large one time cartidge fushes. This is hard to describe. But in a nutshell I need to replace the bakelite plate. It is marked as a MARATHON 250V 135A 4964520. Where can I find this part?