Hi, big and smart professional! I am homeowner, I am woman and I have this winter so much trouble with my water system. And I found that my heater unit in basement has leaking water under it. I redid a lot of things in house in 1998 including new heating. I have hot air system with filters and humidifier. I would call professional but guy who installed it unreachable and I don't have anyone else right now. I have heat in house and I am afraid just call anyone because I have 4 little kids here, one of them one month old baby. And it is freezing outside. I will get someone later but I want to know something. Here is my question: if it is hot air system with humidifier can the water leaked from it? Or it is impossible and it is my water system and I need to call plumber, do I?
Thanks a lot,
Upset and unhappy woman